“You don’t eat meat? Why?!”

About three months ago, I completely changed my diet and lifestyle. I changed my relationship with food, exercise, and myself for the better. I had no idea when I started watching documentaries about the food industry in America that it would inspire me to change my lifestyle forever. Looking back, I am so glad that I took this step and switched to a plant-based diet.

After watching many documentaries, several available on Netflix (I’ll make a post about which documentaries I recommend), I began to question what exactly I was putting into my body every time I ate a meal. I started to do research. I found out how terribly corporate farms treat animals in America. I was repulsed.

I know everyone has seen videos on Facebook of animals being brutally murdered and abused for the sake of food, but how many of us actually make the connection to that food? That video you shared on Facebook really happened, and chances are it happened to the animal on your plate of food. I will say, however, that animal abuse was not the only factor in my decision to give up meat and dairy.

I also realized, with much research, that I was unknowingly ingesting antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs from eating animals and dairy. We do not realize that we are eating these things, but because animals ingest corn that is genetically modified, they become products of GMOs. Because these animals are given antibiotics to keep from getting sick in the harsh conditions they are raised, we are eating the remains of those antibiotics. Since hormones are given to animals to create larger meat cuts and produce more milk, we end with the same hormones in our system.

Sentient beings are abused for our consumption when we do not have to eat meat to live. Dairy cattle’s utters become so infected from the hormones and machines they are hooked up to that pus and blood leaks into the milk they produce. Our milk is cleaned multiple times to get the infection out before it can be bottled for drinking. It is strange that humans drink another animal’s milk anyways, but now we are drinking infection.

As for GMOS, I realize that many will say there is no evidence that genetic modification affects us negatively. Regardless, I like to know what is in my food. It is safe to say that almost all meat has some type of genetically modified substance in it. Why aren’t these products labeled?

These things that I found out bothered me. I could no longer look at my plate of chicken and not see a chicken not able to stand up due to its overly large breasts caused by excess hormones. I could not continue to eat meat when I was advocating for environmental protection. Animal agriculture is the number one contributor to global warming. So, I made a change.

I stopped eating meat. I stopped eating cheese. From time to time I will indulge in seafood or cheese, but 95% of the time I am completely dairy and meat free. I do not miss eating meat or cheese. I do not miss how it made me feel. The best part of a plant-based lifestyle is that it is 100% cruelty free. I am filled with energy and happiness constantly. Food is my medicine.

I plan to write more about my lifestyle and meals. A big question I get often is, “what do you eat?” I have attached some pictures of my meals. I am open to any other questions and comments. My other biggest question that I get is inquiring why I switched to a plant-based diet. I hope this article has answered this question, at least slightly.


Courtney Dalton



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