Liberals, hear me out on Gorsuch

Liberals, I am writing this for you today. I consider myself to be a liberal, a progressive, on the left end of the political spectrum. However, I also believe that I am capable of seeing shades of gray, listening to both sides of political discussions and respecting different ideologies. With that being stated, I need liberals and Democrats to give Neil Gorsuch a break because he is certainly not the worst pick for the Supreme Court of the United States. In fact, he is a desirable candidate for liberals considering the person he is replacing, with no disrespect intended toward the late Antonin Scalia.

Gorsuch has been nailing questions at his confirmation hearing. The Associated Press wrote, “Republicans confidently predict he will win Senate approval despite liberal opposition,” and I am confident as well. He confidently, intelligently and without pause answered each question senators threw at him. He rejected and chose not to answer all of the right trick questions. He separated himself from his nominator, President Donald Trump, thoroughly and well.

Some key answers Gorsuch gave include his answer to Vermont Democratic Sen. Jim Leahy on his question inquiring whether Gorsuch could hold Trump accountable. To which Gorsuch rightly answered, “No man is above the law.” He also assured that he made no promises to the administration in regard to how he would rule in cases concerning abortion, gun rights or the travel bans. He refused to get involved in political discussions that may lead him into partisan fights.

The New York Times reported on South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s relief concerning Trump’s choice. He said he was, “quite worried about who he’d pick.” You are not alone senator. I too am comforted for a few reasons. Gorsuch is devoted to the Constitution. He acknowledges that some cases are very difficult because of the content; however, he always makes sure to judge a case neutrally and based solely on the law. He called himself an “originalist” because of his dedication to interpreting the Constitution as it was written.

Gorsuch called both the ruling on Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges — two landmark cases ruling in favor of abortion rights and gay marriage respectively — the law of the land. He respects precedent in the majority of cases. Gorsuch separates himself from political motives. In his hearing, he made sure to explain that he almost always rules with the majority, and he has sided with both Republicans and Democrats in the past. As he said at one point during his hearings, he does not believe in litmus tests for judges, meaning he would refuse to make a commitment to rule in any way in exchange for his nomination.

These factors all make Gorsuch an excellent pick for the Supreme Court. Of course I would prefer to have a more liberal justice; however, I also acknowledge that these justices are above politics. They are in place to interpret the Constitution, and I do not think anyone can deny that Gorsuch knows how to do this job. While his ideologies may be different from mine, his commitment to interpreting the Constitution is desirable. It is time we fill this vacancy. I think what Republicans did to Merrick Garland was disgusting, so I hope Democrats refrain from this type of behavior and confirm his nomination quickly and painlessly.


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