I know that saying, “I don’t understand how people cannot see something my way,” is fairly closed-minded. However, when I see everyone as equally human and without the barriers society places on them, how can I wish for anything else? All I want to do with my life is help as many as possible. Everyone benefits from equality and love.

Speaking from experience, placing others in boxes and mentally limiting what they are capable of, hurts not just these people, but the person judging as well. Putting people down hurts you too. Those with power relative to others can never be truly happy with themselves. They are only happy when another is unhappy, doing poorly, or just simply present to be a scapegoat.

True happiness comes from within. People that are truly happy want the best for not only themselves, but others as well. These people shine. They lift themselves and others up. Happy people focus on being better and making the world a better place in any way they can. Truly happy individuals are much different from the relatively happy.

Those that have relative happiness can expect unhappiness at some point in their lives. If a person feels happy because their face is free from lines and flawless, eventually he or she will be unhappy when wrinkles appear. If a rich, white man is happy because he makes money off of the less fortunate, what happens when said people become enlightened and rebel against him? The relatively happy cannot expect to remain happy throughout the course of their lives and challenges because they need another person, place, or thing to facilitate their happiness.

We will never be a happy society until we accept the things we cannot change, change for the better the things that we can, and enjoy the journey of life. We are all here to learn different lessons, and we are all on different journeys. We must learn to respect one another. Everyone, despite the labels society forces on us, deserves happiness, acceptance, and respect.

When one realizes that true happiness comes from within, that putting others in negative categories is no way to live, and that we don’t need a hierarchy to be a functional, happy society, we will move forward. Equality and love are possible for everyone. First, we must stop blaming others for our problems and realize they are a party of life and intended to teach us lessons. Next, one must have a strong faith in whatever or whomever he or she believes in. Last, it is important to realize that happiness is an individual achievement. Once happiness is achieved, true happiness, no one can bring you down unless you let them. Accepting others, loving others, and bettering yourself becomes so much easier, quite enjoyable even, when you find out how to be truly happy yourself.

Written by Courtney Dalton



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